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5th Pillar


5th Pillar is an organization that strongly believes that the people that make up a democracy are the strongest members of such a system. Without the people a democracy would not exist. As such, we believe that if each one of us changes our own habits, we will be attacking corruption at its roots, and corruption will cease to exist. That is why we hope that everyone who learns about the organization will take a pledge to not give or receive any bribes. By taking the pledge you are helping us reach our goal of a corruption free nation.

WHO is 5th Pillar?

"The SILENCE of the good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of the bad people" - Martin Luther King Jr.
5th Pillar is a non profit, non governmental organization aimed at fighting corruption, one of the deep rooted evils of our nation. The Nation already has four pillars of democracy – the legislature, executive, judiciary and the media. 5th Pillar has been formed as a coalition of like-minded citizens of our country who want to see a better society and governance system in our great nation. So, any socially conscious, patriotic and well-meaning citizen who abides by laws and puts the nation in front of his personal gains, is a 5th Pillar.
Corruption is defined as "the misuse of entrusted power for private gains". So 5th Pillar's focus area will be to help citizens to obtain their fundamental rights and entitled services from the government offices and departments, where the PUBLIC have entrusted power to the government employees. Although there are several private institutions(schools, colleges and companies) that are over-charging the public for certain services, those cases will not come under 'Corruption', whereas they are plain cases of cheating, fraud or taking advantage of people's wants and desires. Since, private institutions don't have any entrusted power(not elected or appointed by the people), but are acting on sheer money power, 5th Pillar encourages citizens to register complaints in the appropriate government departments for such frauds and cheating cases and can contact us if the complaint in the government department is not being treated effectively.
IF YOU ARE A GOOD CITIZEN, and have been SILENT all this time, PLEASE JOIN US NOW!

Vijay Anand - The 5th Pillar


To Realise "Anti Corruption Objective"

  1. To get remedy for citizens particularly the common man by use of the Right to Information Act
  2. Curb Corruption in Government and Public Sector, both of elected representatives and officials
  3. Prevent Corruption in Private Sector
  4. Get support from other Pillars and extend support to other Pillars in fighting corruption
  5. Organising the “bribe-givers” against bribe
  6. “No bribe-Red badges” to be given to honest officials and workers
  7. To work for Stricter laws to curb corruption and ensure stronger action
  8. Make propaganda against corruption and create awareness
  9. Get information on the evils of corruption in the school curriculum
  10. Information sharing and dissemination
  11. Recognition of Honest Men
  12. Giving HONESTY Award to Offices where every one is honest.

Recognition of honest elected representatives

  Parameters for Performance Assessment:
  • Work knowledge of elected office
  • Accessibility
  • Honesty
  • Work turnout
  • Results

Activities Related to RTI

1. Making full use of the RTI
The most important activity of the 5th Pillar is to make the best use of the Right to Information Act. It is indeed the best and wonderful gift given by our rulers to the people. The 5th pillar chapters will create awareness and educate people in order that they make the best use of the Right to information Act.
2. Awareness among the poor & uneducated
In respect of the uneducated and the poor there is disuse of the Act. The 5th Pillar Chapters will focus on creating huge awareness among the poor and illiterates to make the ACT familiar to them and guide them to make the best use of the Act.
3. Prevention of Misuse of RTI
No doubt the Right to Information Act is a big gift. At the same time the ACT cannot be misused or abused. We have instances of wrong use of it. There are people for whom the misuse has become a hobby or pastime .They keep shooting letters under RTI. For some others it is sadism that drives them. The third category is those who misuse the ACT to harass someone whom they don’t like or have enmity. The 5th pillar will also create awareness against the misuse of the RTI Act. If it is misused, the very Act may vanish one day.


1. Use of RTI ACT
The Right to Information act no doubt is something better than nothing. The RTI Act alone will not deliver goods in corruption elimination and its prevention. 5th pillar will provide a few other tools to make the whole exercise quite effective.

2. 5th Pillar organisational Back up
The second tool is to give organizational backup to the Information Seeker under RTI. The 5th Pillar will do from A to Z, most importantly providing the courage and confidence to the Information Seeker as well as technical / legal expertise. In other words he will get organisational support (5th Pillar) and guidance
3. People’s Inspection & Audit
The third tool is People’s Inspection & Audit by the 5th pillar. For example a person may seek information under RTI Act about the road which has been laid by the local body and its specifications. The concerned department will provide him the details. If the information is not adequate and also found to be incorrect, the 5th pillar will do People’s Inspection & Audit of the Road. The 5th Pillar People’s Audit cum Inspection team will comprise of a Road Engineer, a Lawyer and an Auditor and if possible a Cost Accountant. These talents are after all available within the community. After all these facilities and infrastructures are made, to benefit people.
The 5th Pillar will involve people the very people to fight corruption. The People Audit Team will go, inspect and verify whether the road has been laid as per specifications. They will do the quality test. The team will prepare reports and will even publish through newspapers / TV (4th Pillar) and website as well as circulate among the public. 5th Pillar will also go to court (3rd Pillar) and seek remedy (e.g. PIL). When all these are carried out together, without doubt, people will have sturdier roads.

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