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இது original ROBOs பற்றிய  பதிவு.(The World's Coolest Humanoid Robots )

"The robots that fascinate people most are those that resemble humans. Here are some of the most advanced humanoid robots ever developed"

here are plenty of functional robots out there, quietly driving rivets into the sides of cars or sealing tops onto bottles, but they perform thankless functions behind closed factory doors. The robots which interest the general public are those which can walk, talk, dance, perform household tasks, and most of all, are something people can anthropomorphise.
Here are some of the most advanced and cool humanoid robots that have ever been developed.

ASIMO – (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility)

Developed by engineers at Honda, the earliest models of ASIMO were first created in 1986. The biggest challenge for the engineers was to create robotic legs that could simulate human movement. It took them 20 years, and several iterations, to get it right. And now, ASIMO has the ability to walk, run, climb stairs and handle uneven surfaces.

Toyota's "Partner Robots" - Helping with Mobility

Still only in prototype phase, Toyota engineers are not far behind Honda in the development of humanoid robots with advanced mobility. Toyota recently unveiled a robot in stiff competition to ASIMO, weighing in at 110lbs, standing 4'3" and with the ability to run faster than ASIMO at 4.3mph. Experiments with the robot have demonstrated its ability to recover from being knocked off balance, using real-time balance control to right itself after receiving a push from a human.
This robot, yet unnamed, forms part of the development of a new generation of "partner robots" that Toyota announced in 2003. The robots are being designed to assist in elderly care, mobility and manufacturing.

HRP-4C - The Japanese Female Walking, Talking Robot

Developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the HRP-4C female robot made its catwalk debut at Tokyo Fashion Week in 2009. Standing just over five feet tall and weighing 95lbs, this robot is different from ASIMO and the partner robots, in that it has a fully humanoid head and face, which is cable of displaying a range of emotions. The robot has 30 motors in its body for walking, mobility and range of motion, along with eight motors in its face, to enable it to display expressions of surprise, anger, fear and even obscure facial formations that resemble disgust mixed with bewilderment.  


 Robonaut is a humanoid robotic development project run from the Dextrous Robotics Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. The core idea behind the Robonaut series of robots is to have a humanoid machine to work along-side astronauts. Its form factor and dexterity are designed such that Robonaut can use space tools and work in similar environments to suited astronauts. Robonaut is a different class of robot than other current space faring robots. While most current space robotic systems focus on moving large objects, similar to a crane, or rovers for exploration, Robonaut's focus is on tasks which require more dexterity


Here is ours :AcYut

AcYut is India's first indigenously developed Humanoid and was developed at the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems , BITS Pilani , India.

AcYut which means the "the imperishable " or "the one that does not fall down" in sanskrit does a dance performance on 'papu can't Dance ' from the movie 'jaane tu ya jaane na' at Quark 2009 at BITS - Pilani , Goa Campus.

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AcYut Won India’s First ever Gold Medal in ROBOGAMES 2010…with 2 silver and 1 bronze medals

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