Monday, December 6, 2010

Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/2 - Jan 9, 2011
Presenting Mission CCC - Chapter 2 - a massive effort to clean up the entire Chennai coastal line and send a strong message of environmental awareness to our society. Requesting all  volunteer  sign up here.
Mission - Spread environmental awareness to preserve nature in and around our crowded city.
How - Clean up 15 km Chennai beach stretch from Marina till Injambakkam
When - Sunday Jan 9, 2011, 5am-10am Plan of Action -


5am - 500+ volunteers assemble in 11 pick up points across the city. Participants from other cities are most welcome to support this epic endeavor. (see below)
5-6am - Volunteers will be grouped in 15 Garbage Busting (GB) teams and teams will move to 15 designated beach zones between Marina till Injambakkam.
6 am - Upon Arrival at beaches, Distribute garbage bags, gloves and strategise about how the teams will work together to overcome this Eco-challenge.
6-9am - Each of the teams will only have to clean a 1 km zone. This challenge will be accomplished successfully even before the sun rises high above our heads.
9am - After all that work, teams will gobble down yummy breakfast after which take there will be group photos with mountains of garbage bags so that the press can publish our beliefs and efforts In pictures.
10-11am - This will be followed by safe disposal of garbage following which we will return back to various the drop off points in the city.

Awareness through Media : CTC photographers will extensively cover the entire clean-up operation. CTC hopes to ensure that with wide media coverage before, during and after the clean-up event,

The public in general will be a little more thoughtful and aware before littering along the beautiful beaches on the long coastline of Chennai.

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