Friday, July 9, 2010

Android 2.2 excels iOS4

                The eye candy iOS4 has been beaten up by Android 2.2 , the tiny robot which excels in Java script performance , forget about Flash which is an asset to the Android 2.2 , its Froyo weapon but when coming Java script performance its fast..faster and fastest almost 3 times faster when you load a page with Java script embedded in it (almost all pages today have Javascript today take Facebook , Youtube , Flickr and the list goes on and on ) . The Froyo and iOS4 both the fresh OS’s from Google and Apple were put on a head to head war .

The Froyo carries updates to phones Webkit browser (recent version is 3)  , and it was seen that it is almost 3 times faster than the iOS4 . When the Android 2.2 Froyo’s browser was put on a test through ringer via Sunspider and V8 the results were as amazing as the the OS itself . The tests were conducted using native browsers of both Android 2.2 OS and iOS4′s browser(Safari) .
“Google leads when it comes to speed” , Google has always given importance to speed and with Android 2.2 you are not only going to get a speedy OS but also a super-fast browsing experience

android javascript graph

android javascript graph

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