Friday, July 23, 2010

Software Engineers rocks...

Infosys employee Mohan's personal mobile rang when he was in office, on a
boring Monday afternoon.
"Hello Sir, this is from HDFC Bank sir, we have a very good offer with our
new Golden Credit Card which has an enhanced monthly limit and  lesser
interest rates. Can u spare a minute so that I expla..."
 " Ya ya.. Infact I was exactly in need of that. U called me at the right
time. But I ve a meeting at 5 o clock. As its still 2 pm , go on"
"Oh thank You sir. Well this card provides you unlimited offers, discounts
in ..(blah blah blah)"
"hmm.. oh ok.. nice"
"not only that ithas provisions for emi ...(blah blah blah blah)"
"wow..thats great..."
She explains him all the ins and outs of that card for hours and finally
"So, sir, would you like to have one?"
"Well, it really looks cool. But I need a moment to think. Also, since its
already half past 4, I need to get prepared for the meeting. So can I tell
you my decision tomorrow if you don't mind?  "
"No problem sir, I shall call you tomorrow, have a nice day sir."
Next day, she calls and now he asks for comparison between their and other
banks' cards. She explains him to the best of her knowledge ,for more than
an hour,  going through various websites and databases.
"Very cool, sounds interesting. But as a software engineer, I know that no
product is without drawbacks. So, tomorrow can u call me and briefly, in
one or two hours, explain the potential risks in that?  "
"Ok sir , no problem. Have a nice day" says with a bit of frustration.
"Oh God, how much analysis they do ! May be that's why he is  in Infosys,
the software giant" she thinks.
For the next 2 days same thing continues as she explains him about the
risks, the future enhancements , what if he goes abroad in between and
stuffs like those  for hours together.
On Friday, she calls him again and after giving him again a summary of what
she had explained in the last 4 days, she asks finally
"Sir , now would you like to buy?"
"Infact , the offer is good and beneficial. But I m not interested now ,
please. I m sorry"
"Sir, but you told u were in need of this"
"Yes, but that was on Monday. Please , I am sorry. "
"Ohh ok LLL" she says , all disappointed. "Anyway, sir, please atleast fill
in the form which I ll send u now, because I need the "Reason for
Rejection" part of that form to submit to my manager here, please, at
"Sure . send it at"
The next day, she reads his filled form and as if to add up  her
frustrations, she finds the "Reason for Rejection" column filled as '  I
don't need it as my wife is back from her native' .
Confused of what it means, she calls him up again, annoyed by the way heavy
heads of the multinational giant think and examine a situation.
"Sir, can u please explain me what your reason of rejection actually means.
Please, I m not getting it"

"Oh that one... Listen. Actually , I ve newly bought a  Virgin sim . So for
every incoming call, I got 20 ps per minute. Since you were explaining it
for hours together , I , on an average , got around 20 to 25 rupees
everyday . Using that , I used to call my wife who had been to her native.
As she is now back , I no longer need it. Your "CREDIT" card actually
provided credits to my sim. Moreover , wen u r in a company like this , u
analyze a lot about how to save money !! "

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