Friday, July 30, 2010

லஞ்சப்புகாரில் சிக்கிய பெண் இன்ஸ்பெக்டர்-வீடியோ

Videographer arrested for recording lady inspector accepting bribe?  

video-subramaniVideo Subramaniam is very popular in Tirupur for video recording the under hand activities of the government officials in and around Tirupur. He had brought to light the other side of many corrupted officials and authorities in and around Tirupur.  He is been seen as a social worker in this area who fights against corruption. Yesterday there was a talk in the city that video Subramaniam was arrested for photographing a lady inspector from the women police station in Tirupur when she was accepting bribe.

Indirani the lady inspector of the women’s police station is dealing with the kids hijacking case which involves the care taker of a crèche. When Indirani got a sum of Rs 10 thousand from the owner of an electronic shop who supplied electrical products to this crèche , video Subramaniam is said to have video graphed it.. Police people went to the shop in 4 vehicles and arrested video Subramaniam , his assistant and the owner of the electrical shop and took them to the police station. There was a rumor spreading fast in the town that the police is beating Subramanian up severely in the station. Hearing this lot of people assembled in front of the station and started agitating. Its believed that Subramanian is taken to an unknown place and being interrogated.

Also there is an allegation against Subramanian that he releases only videos of the people who don’t agree to pay him the sum he demands.

லஞ்சப்புகாரில் சிக்கிய பெண் இன்ஸ்பெக்டர் வீடியோவில் பதிவான பரபரப்பு காட்சிகள்


  1. very good subramaniayam, keep it up

  2. very good subramaniayam, keep it up

  3. We are encouraging him.. thats good..
    who will support if police or politicans give trouble to him..

    Be careful subramaniayam..

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