Sunday, September 26, 2010

Young Billionaires

Success,  being the ultimate goal  in any business endeavor  an entrepreneur strives to achieve. Those that make it have taken years of culmination and hard work to claim such coveted goal.  But there are those who are  either gifted or lucky enough to taste  the sweet flavor of success at an early age.  These are some of the world’s youngest  billionaires who have made it the elite list as complied   by the Forbes magazine’s latest  edition.

Mark Zuckerberg, U.S.
Age: 25, self made
Industry: Internet
Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, an American entrepreneur that led his social networking site to a to a networth of $4 billion.

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John Arnold, U.S.

Age:  34
$1.5 billion, self-made
Industry: Investments
Raised by his parents who were both  professionals. His father being lawyer and his mother an accountant,  Arnold became an oil trader for Enron  in 2001 and supposedly earned  $750 million for the company at the age  of  27  Leaving Enron  after a year later, today he manages  the hedge fund Centaurus Energy
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Xiaofeng Peng, China
Age: 33
$ 2.5 billion, self made
Industry: Energy
Xiaofeng Peng started with a trading company making gloves that employed 12,000. Further venturing into Chinese made solar panel parts to the list of his export items,  Peng began investing  $30 million of his own money and $80 million of venture financing into building factories in his native Jiangxi Province. He took his solar panel manufacturing company, LDK Solar, into NASDAQ in 2007.  Making it to the list  wasn’t easy for Xiaofeng Peng as his company went through many difficult times involving allegations of malpractices.
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Malvinder & Shivinder Singh, India
 Age: 35/32
 $2.5 billion, inherited
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Malvinder and Shivinder Singh are both brothers to each other and Duke University graduates. They head the Ranbaxy Laboratories, a generic drug maker that was founded b their grandfather. Malviner serves as the Chief Executive for Ranbaxy Lab. Which just recently settled lawsuit with GalxoSmithKline over marketing rights in 2008. Shivinder meanwhile also heads the Indian hospital chain Fortis Healthcare, which went public in 2007. Brothers also recently listed financial services arm, Religare Enterprises.
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Begumhan Dogan Faralyali, Turkey
Age: 31
$1.0 billion, inherited
Industry: Media/Entertainment
A daughter of billionaires Aydin and Isil Dogan. Begumhan Dogan Faralyali started her career as an Arthur Andersen consultant in New York.  She also served as an adviser to  Europe’s leading media and technology firms. She rejoined her family media business in Turkey and  establishing corporate communications department of Dogan Holding and eventually becoming it’s  president.
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Aymin Hariri, Saudi Arabia
 Age: 29
$2.3 billion, inherited
Industry: Technology
Aymin Hariri’s father was  Rafik Hariri, Lebanese Prime Minister who was slain in 2005. His father had left behind a $16.7 billion estate.  Hariri is now based in Riyadh managing his family construction and investment company Saudi Oger
These people are but a few among the list. Forbes magazine include several other young billionaires from many different countries.  Perhaps one day some of you may be included.

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