Friday, June 25, 2010

sms Blocker

Hurry it is free for few days.  [ not for all models :(  ]

Ever wondered & felt frustrated at how on earth you receive so many spam SMS on your mobile phone, even after registering with

DND/ NDNC registry?

smsBlocker is the only software that can auto-filter spam. This unique ability makes smsBlocker a smartBlocker.

smsBlocker is a smart application that runs in your mobile and assures 100% spam blockage. smsBlocker continues to do the vigil all the time your phone is on.

Can there be an effective spam block solution to this menace? A mechanism which automatically filters mobile spam and does not allow the mobile spammers to puncture your busy and important routine?

Yes. Fortunately, there is 'smsBlocker' at your service!

smsBlocker guarantees you 0% intrusion rate. It gives you the power to block SMS – not only spam sms, but a complete control in your hands to effectively block any SMS.

smsBlocker uses a complex algorithm to give you best results in blocking spam SMS. The algorithm uses a proprietary logic to intelligently sense the spam.

Unlike the ‘dumb’ apps, where the users do not have any control over the filtering options, smsBlocker gives you the ultimate control over the SMS screening. You can instruct the app via settings about what to block and what not to. These settings override the inbuilt logic of the app.

This tiny, intelligent application does its work so subtly and effectively, that looking at the blocked SMS log will surely surprise you.

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