Sunday, October 17, 2010

Common wealth Games - Faces behind the Screen

Faces behind the Screen

    This is a fact file of the Common wealth Games which India hosted successfully. Suresh Kalmadhi, while addressing people in the closing ceremony said, “It is not the end, it is just the beginning”. Indeed it is true. Delhi common wealth games have just opened our eye towards sports other than cricket. Before the opening ceremony some people around the world eagerly awaited for the day when CWG 2010 will be called off because of build-ups in preterm era.

        But know they are awaiting for the day when ,Olympics will be conducted in India. At last as some media told, it was just like an Indian marriage in which bride disappears suddenly, bride groom’s uncle fells down because of heart-attack on that morning, sudden economic problem arises to bride’s father and at last all will become well.

      The game was just like an Indian marriage. The same foreign channel which has criticized for the Lack of preparation, did write about the opening ceremony as follows; ” does a country which is having 40% of its people below poverty line requires this type of spectacular show?”  But you don’t give up with this statement; it is expression of jealousy in a fabulous way. They did tell this same thing when we had nuclear bomb and when we launched our first space program. But because of having nuclear weapons, unnecessary wars has been prevented; because of our initiation of space program on that day, common citizen of India is enjoying service of mobile phones. Just like that, CWG will be a revolution in track of our development.

Indians always have the habit of possessing least leniency towards people behind the screens. They always look at the people who are acting before the stage. Not just in case of cinema but also in all occasions. So they need to be remembered by someone else. Let it be us.

  • Lakshmi Mittal
  First person who is going to get all our wishes is Lakshmi Mittal. Wait. Wait. It is not a Forbes list of millioners right? Then what is he doing here? Yes. He has to be remembered because when some of the billioners were trying to get profit out of IPL games by investing crores of money in it, Lakshmi Mittal was the only man who started the training centre for Indian sport persons exclusively in the name of “Mittal Champions Trust”. Twelve athletes who got trained in MCT won medals in CWG 2010. Among them four were gold medalists. Visionary (Mittal) has further said that his aim is to nurture more number of winners for Olympics 2012. Wise man will always think wise, isn’t it? Anyway this country may hail him for success of his visions.

  • Bharath Bala

   The next person. If you believe that opening ceremony overturned the image of Delhi CWG then the person who you have to praise is Bharath Bala. He was the caretaker of both opening and closing ceremony. Ofcourse it showcased people rather than technology. Some country can make this world stun because of technology they posses, but India is the only country which can stun this world because of its heart. He proved that.

I don’t know why Suresh Kalmadi was jeered when he appeared in stage every time. But he did his job well , and so Sheila Dikshit and other administrators. How could Kalmadi take responsibility for every criticism when power was not monopoly and didn’t rest with him? We learned a lesson. What we need is not an administrator but a compatible leader. And in case of any corruption charges, panel has been arranged by PM and it is going to uncover dwells from mist. That is another story.

  • Volunteers

When we waste our precious time and energy with ‘facebook’ and ‘Enthiran’, it is a group of 22000 volunteers who made this game a great success. This group has got louder applause than in any other games in the past. Because of their service they turned the sports village into a heaven for players. With pleasant smile in their face they gave relaxation to tired athletes. No one of them was above the age of 35. It is young community of India which enforced “Athithi Devo Bhava”. 

   May youngsters of India who are always criticizing India for no reasons learn their lessons from them, get your fingers into work rather than pointing to someone else. They followed Gandhiji by bringing the change which they wanted to see in this world. This is what exactly Gandhi meant, it is nothing about sacrificing cloths or writing pages about peace. Let the Nation praise its volunteers. Spirit of our Father may hail the volunteers.

  • Security persons
They sacrificed their sleep to give the players a peaceful sleep. They stand all the day long to make players sit pleasantly. Yes. It is about security persons who provided zero proof security not just for the games village, but for entire Delhi. By conducting these games with no record of any incident they have just shown the world and people who cited security as the reason to pull out . From whom else we have to get certificate ;when we were praised by Pakistan for the best arrangement of games.

We congratulate all players from our country and we extend them our moral support. And I would like to extend praises to cultural performers, construction workers, Engineers, Traffic police, officials, defense service, especially army men who renovated collapsed bridge within four days. Let us salute every individual who were involved in the success of this game.

“Where doesn’t the dark exists?

One Who fears of dark, losses his sight

Beauty, within dark it persists

It is those who tears the dark, and brings light”

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